A settlement since Roman times, London has always been at the political and economic hub of the country, and visitors will be struck by the splendour of the stately Houses of Parliament and sweeping drives of Whitehall. Royal palaces and the Changing of the Guards provide a magnificent slice of pomp and grandeur, and the steel and glass of the City’s financial district reflect a different kind of power.

Strolling or cruising along the River Thames is a wonderful way to view this diverse and varied place, with its beautiful residential squares, fine buildings and heritage sites. There are tours and guided visits which bring to life the city’s rich, colourful (and sometimes gruesome) history, and of course the unique vantage point of the London Eye with its panoramic views.

Culture enthusiasts will find world-famous museums, opera and concerts, exciting theatre productions and fabulous ballet. There is no shortage of inspirational art on view in London’s galleries and exhibition spaces.

London is a fantastic place to browse or shop. And for refreshment you can find roof-garden dining, pubs, restaurants, bars, traditional cafes and fabulous cuisine from all corners of the globe.

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